Logistics in Ukraine

 Road transport is characterized by mobility and speed, I can pick up and deliver cargo to any destination, as soon as possible. As a rule, with road transport, it does not take a lot of time for loading and unloading, complex equipment or additional space. The delivery of the goods is easily calculated, both by kilometer and by time.


 Railway transport is reliable and economical, indispensable for transportation of large lots of general, bulk, bulk cargo. It is most effective when combined with a marine mode of transport. Allows you to deliver the goods to the port of departure in the right amount.


Rate request

You need to send us a request by filling in the standard form below.


Calculating the rate

We calculate and give you a rate for a given direction. Considering services and wishes of interest to you.


Matching details

Conclusion of the standard contract, adjustment of the rate and services provided. If you have any comments, wishes or suggestions, we will coordinate and correct our proposal.


Cargo delivery

After completing all the formalities, we undertake the duty to deliver the goods along the specified route within the agreed budget.